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A little about me & this site.

Should I start like the first chapter of “Dickens” book David Copperfield, “I was born”…just kidding…lol.

Although, I was born in the U.S. and raised by a single mother who is my hero and will be contributing significantly to Successful Beliefs, by the way.

Now, my formative years were shaped by shyness, my A-type personality & other previous mental hang-ups, along with not being born with a silver spoon in my mouth ( hint…hint, I grew up poor).

But, to get to the spiritual side of things.

When I was around 5 years old, my mom was asked to teach a vacation bible school for like 2 weeks, at a little baptist church on the old country road where we lived.

However, for some reason, she didn’t teach my class, it was a different lady.

Anyway, it was there that I first felt the presence of God!

I don’t really remember exactly what was going on at that specific time.

I just remember getting a vision of Jesus, he appeared to be hovering near the top of the room with a light behind him, and at that point, a feeling of pure love, which is the only way I can think to describe it, and a sense of warmth and that everything would always be all right, came upon me. 

At that time of my life, it was the most peaceful, soothing, comforting, and joyful experience that I’d ever had, and up until now too, for that matter.

Although, and I don’t know where I got this belief, at that time I didn’t think I was saved, because I thought you had to at least be a teenager, a grown-up, or something like that, goofy huh?

However, I don’t think I was saved at that time, and not because of my age or anything like that.

But because I don’t remember thinking and saying that I knew Jesus was god’s son and that he was born, lived, and died for my (our) sins, and that I repented of my sins and received him as my Lord & Saviour.

Although, when I was 16, some evangelists from the neighborhood church, where I was living at the time, were going door to door preaching to people and that was the day I actually gave my life to Christ and then got water baptized about a week later.

However, I still didn’t know much about god and his word at the time.

I just thought that was all.

Ok, I’m saved and I’m going to heaven, that’s it, now on with my life.

I didn’t realize that it was just the beginning!

Even though I got saved; yeah, I was gonna go to heaven.

But I would need to renew my mind with the teachings from the bible (The Word of God) and pursue a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord if I wanted to live a full and prosperous life while I was still here on earth!

So, to make a long story short, that’s what I’ve been striving to do ever since, specifically more lately.

However, that certainly doesn’t mean I’ve always done everything right after that, far from it…lol

But I’ve been learning from my mistakes and adjusting my rudder along the way, and that’s a big part of what the successful beliefs website is about.

It’s not about being or pretending to be perfect, especially the way the world thinks or sees it, without God.

Because regardless of what anyone might tell you if I or anyone else was perfect, we wouldn’t need Jesus, we’d be Jesus, right?

So it’s about freely receiving the grace, salvation, and blessings of God, and sharing all this Awesome news with others!

Along with continually seeking an ever-increasing personal & intimate relationship and love walk with God and all the wonderful things he has in store for us along the way!

So, I guess I’ll stop here, otherwise this will turn into my autobiography, rather than the successful beliefs about page…Haha!

oil painting of Zach
Zach “The Prosperous View”

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